When: March 15-16, 2017

Where: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Why Attend? 
Today, too often climate protection work occurs in silos, rather than in a comprehensive, coordinated effort. This event will allow participants from all areas of energy and climate work to network and strategize with one another. 

Day one will be educational in nature, featuring prominent national-level speakers presenting on topics relevant to renewable energy, energy efficiency, nuclear power, and carbon capture and storage and the potential development of a technology portfolio to ensure the greatest chance of success. Day two will feature panel discussions with plenty of opportunity for participants to get involved in the conversation. 

For the purposes of this event, the conversation will focus primarily on decarbonization of the electricity sector, specifically within the state of Pennsylvania, rather than worldwide; however, we welcome participants from other states to better inform and coordinate efforts. 

Who Should Attend:

•    Representatives of the electricity sector, including generators, utility companies, and     transmission system operators
•    Government agency representatives, including public utility commissions, state energy offices, and DEP
•    Industrial and commercial energy consumers
•    Clean energy businesses, including energy storage, smart grid, energy efficiency, solar, nuclear, etc.
•    Non-profit organizations engaged in energy work
•    University researchers and instructors
•    Philanthropic organizations who support energy programming

While this conversation will be primarily focused on a state level strategy, we welcome participants from other states to share information and learn from one another.